Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving Into High Gear – Setting The Foundation To Go Viral

To get 1 million NYers to go onto neighborhood sidewalks to sing “This Land Is Your Land” at 7pm on Flag Day, June 14, we need to go viral. So this week BWC is setting the stage: recruiting followers and issuing updates for this blog, the Call To Song Facebook Page and Twitter (@calltosong) . We will also ask each of the 51 NY City Council Members and the 5 Borough Presidents’ Offices for help and support in this effort. You, the reader, can help by simply spreading the word and encouraging your respective friends and network to follow the Call To Song blog, Facebook Page and Twitter.

Want to help out even more? Click Here or see  the Volunteer Page on the Call To Song website, With your help and support we can have 1 million people of diverse background and all manner of stripes singing together in harmony - and providing a $1 million impetus for hunger relief in NYC.

This Land Is Your Land!

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