Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lots To Write - Summary To Date

As I said in my first posting a month ago, I am a neophyte when it comes to social media. Some of the questions that occur to me in spreading the word about Call To Song are:
  • How often should I post on this blog, should I tweet, and should I post on my Facebook page?
  • Should I comment on other Facebook friends' walls - and how often?
  • How much individual soliciting do I have to do to get followers before the process becomes self-generating?
  • Should I use RSS feeds? If yes, how should I do that?
There is no question I need a volunteer with social media expertise.

I will try to post briefly daily re the following:
  1. The Call To Song Fest, a monthly old style hootenanny on NYC's Upper West Side.
  2. Updating the BWC website myself to include the Call To Song Fest, endorsements, and links to the Facebook Page, this blog, and Twitter.
  3. Reaching out to: NYC's block associations and community boards, celebrity singers, unions and associations, political parties
  4. Getting (and not getting) volunteers.
  5. Getting (and not getting) fundraisers to work on commission only. 
  6. Getting a radio station to broadcast This Land Is Your Land at 7pm on Flag Day
Yours in the wonder and power of song,