Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi. I’m Ron Dressler. I’m starting this blog because I think I have a way to help bring our nation together in these highly polarized and fractured times. I have no connections, resources or funding. But I do have an idea.
It’s a simple idea, really, involving only a tiny sliver of time and very little effort on the part of most Americans. Read on and perhaps you’ll agree and want to join the effort.

How does a guy who is without resources or funding and who is not independently wealthy attempt something as lofty as trying to bring a nation together you ask? Perhaps this is how:
• First, he comes up with the idea.
• Then he quits his job to give his entire waking life to the vision.
• He decides to start small and begin with just one city and the surrounding area.
• He awakens BWC, his dormant 501(c)3 unfunded neophyte non-profit formed to harness the power of song for the common good, and issues a Call To Song™.
• He puts the idea on Facebook despite not knowing a thing about social media or Facebook itself.
• He starts a Twitter account despite not knowing a thing about social media or Twitter itself.
• He starts this Call To Song™ blog in hopes that someone will read it.
• He asks you to please FOLLOW THIS BLOG,  to become a FAN of the "CALL TO SONG" FACEBOOK PAGE, and to FOLLOW CALLTOSONG on TWITTER.

Do please spend a moment more and read the Call To Song™ description that follows. Oh, and one more thought:

“A nation that sings together can talk together. A nation that talks together can build together. A nation that builds together moves forward together. Such is the wonder and power of song. “

Yours in the wonder and power of song,
ps Please follow us on Twitter and become a fan of the Call To Song Facebook page.

BWC (Better World Chorus™), our 501c3non-profit, was created with the idea of uniting people through song as well as fostering volunteering and fundraising.

We at BWC are thrilled to announce our newest plan of action, Call to Song™ which calls for one million people in and around New York City to come outside of their homes and apartments onto their sidewalks for 5 minutes at 7 pm on Flag Day, June 14th, 2010 to sing "his Land is Your Land"to a live radio broadcast along with their neighbors, family and friends. And if you can’t come outside, just crank up your radio and sing out your window – or car – with the rest of us.

This 5 minute one song sing-along blast will bring together people of all manner of social, political, economic and ethnic stripes, and will bridge together all the communities of Metro NYC’s many diverse neighborhoods – as well as celebrate America – and will help raise $1 million for hunger relief in greater NYC.