Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Great NYC Call To Song Is Going Live On WSNR-AM 620 Radio 7PM June 14

     Things were looking rather grim for the prospects of getting a radio station to broadcast "This Land Is Your Land" at 7PM on Monday, Flag Day, June 14. BWC contacted just about every AM and FM radio station whose signal covered the NYC Metro area. Not one station would broadcast for us. Not public radio, not college radio, not music radio, not news radio.     Then Dr. Barry Heyman, BWC Board Member par excellence, got in touch with Bronx cable TV producer, director and host, Sheran Tavarez, who got in touch with me to put me in touch with Zev Brenner of Talkline Communications, who said he could sell BWC time on WSNR-AM 620, reaching all five NYC boroughs, for Call To Song. Who knew you could "buy" radio time?
    So BWC bought 10 minutes, from 7:00p to 7:10p on Monday, June 14, and I, Ron Dressler, BWC President and resident banjo player, with the help of John B. Fisher and Jenny Boyd Murphy of Walkabout Clearwater and possibly Joel Landy of NYC Friends of Clearwater, will be leading all of NYC in singing "This Land Is Your Land" from a WSNR-AM 620 studio.  (The broadcast will be streamed on the Internet : go to and click on the "listen Live 24x7" icon) 
    Join us for this one-song, city-wide sing-along,help promote harmony and togethernes, celebrate what's good - and can be good - in America, and ehlp raise $1 millions to combat hunger. Further details and song lyrics at
    YITWAPOS (Yours In The Wonder And Power Of Song)
ps - Now that I know BWC can buy radio time if we can't get a radio station to broadcast for us, BWC can declare the Call To Song to be an annual event. We will start working on the 2011 Call To Song and would love your help and input. Follwo us on Twitter and Facebook (click on the links in this blog) and spread the word.